The Importance of Your Company’s Digital Marketing Schedule

Digital marketing is all about reaching out to customers and then expanding your reach through those customers.

The problem is, most companies don’t know why their online presence is not experiencing the growth they had wished to see, and in return unable to effectively reach their customer base. In this post I want to talk about how to ensure that your company’s online presence is steadily increasing.

The fact is, when it comes to social media, the most effective way to achieve a steady growth is through consistency. Unfortunately for most companies, this is easier said then done.

Maintaining a social media presence tends to be the first thing thrown off our priorities list when tasks start to build up and due dates are around the corner. Other times social media management is simply not given enough importance to be managed consistently. It’s relatively harmless, but the impact that these inconsistencies have on your company’s online presence can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to ensure that your company’s digital marketing schedule is working even when your not.

The first step is to come up with a weekly content creation schedule. – Decide how many new pieces of content you would like to post per week, along with promotional posting, helpful customer posts, reviews, ect.

You should go for something like this.

3 New blogs.
10 Tweet Tips.
2 Customer reviews.
5 New product promotions.
6 Around the office pictures.


Gray Square Social Posting Schedule



Next, it is time to gather and create your content – Brain storm blog ideas, twitter tips and product promotions, after you have that the rest is simply gathering content. Email or interview happy clients and snap a few pictures of your creative team doing something productive and fun.

The final step is to begin scheduling your posting. Make sure to at least post once a day on each of your social networks, and don’t post the same way every time. Try using – you can create a free account that allows you to pre-schedule posts to networks including, Twitter, Facebook and G+. If you use WordPress you can write blogs and schedule them to be published on future dates.

Remember, effective social media is all about creativity!

Once you have your content created and your posts scheduled, keeping your social media posting consistent will be easier then ever before.

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